Yaniv Zaloof יניב זלוף

Photographer Israel

I was born and live presently in Israel, Haifa, which is at the north of the country. From my Northern sky I derive my strength, my doubts, the beauty and the imperfection, all those "triggers" to start feeling and creating.
In my art I often place my protagonists in a reality similar to Alice's Wonderland. Although, my Wonderland is darker, the heroes are insecure, nature attracts with pseudo-beauty and then kills, the same things may petrify and captivate, stunning sirens turn into distorted reflections, angels turn into demons, human gets crushed and defeated by his own alter-ego, an aspiration to get closer goes hand in hand with the instinct to alienate, nature rejects humankind as unwanted child, the world is convulsing at the brink of the apocalypse. This is the world of dominated falsehood, the world where to undress is easier than to open up your heart, the world where to talk smart is more comfortable than to keep silence and listen to each other's breathing, the world where your own identity is displaced with the affection to explore the limits, sexuality, the upper and the lower threshold in everything, the world where being and feeling together is just an illusion of a very subjective experience, the world where we all are unique and this is exactly what the curse is – we all are unique and, therefore, existentially lonely in every single act - being born, loving, suffering, dying. Our attempt to get closer is an attempt to get heard, to get understood, to be loved the way we dream of and it often fails because of this subjectivity of existence and loneliness of experiencing the world. I use my camera as a sort of communication tube to cope with this interpersonal abyss. In a way, it serves as my personal bridge, as well.
I like working with raw materials and, therefore, use minimum of Photoshop or other post-processing. All of the effects you may occasionally recognize in the images were introduced into the process before actually the click was made.

EXHIBITIONS – תערוכות:
2019 - Group exhibition - "SoLow Festival" - Port Of Haifa
2019 - Group exhibition "Urabn Festival" - Pyramid Gallery, Haifa
2019 - Solo exhibition "Oyster" - The Bordel Gallery , Haifa
2018 - Group exhibition "Made In Israel" Local Art Festival
2017 - Group exhibition "Nonplace" Center Gallery Tel Aviv
2017 - Group exhibition "Bet Galim Festival"
2016 - Group exhibition "Polaris and Guests" , City Gallery Kfar-Saba
2016 - Group exhibition "Polaris" ,Gate 3 Gallery Haifa
2016 - Group exhibition "להיות זה להיפרד" , Hanina Gallery Tel Aviv
2012 – Group exhibition "Be beautiful and get dressed", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 – Solo exhibition "Archetype", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 – Group exhibition "Vadi Saliv/ Layers", Pyramid Gallery, Haifa
2010 – Group exhibition "To dream reality", Pyramid Gallery, Haifa
2009 - Group exhibition "The End Of The Thing Is Above", Pyramid Gallery, Haifa
2009 - Group exhibition "Grey territory", D&A Gallery, Tel Aviv



I hope you enjoy yourself in here.